Portovenere, Italy 7.10.00
Stanford Italy XVII group shot
2011 pictures:
Peter and Miles visit the United Nations

2010 pictures:
In San Francisco for Merrill's birthday in April

2009 pictures and videos:
Merrill and Sybil Visit Malibu Aug 28-30 '09
Leila's first Shabbat on the Beach Aug 7th, 2009

China Pictures from trip to get Leila in Guangdong July 18-Aug4 2009

14 minute video documentary in 3 parts on YouTube:
Getting Leila in China July 09 Part 1 of 3
Getting Leila in China July 09 Part 2 of 3
Getting Leila in China July 09 Part 3 of 3

Various '08 someday

Miles piano recitals videos 07-2011  
Miles piano recital June 2007 on youTube: "Miles Conn at Pepperdine U 2007
Miles piano recital June 2008 on youTube: "Miles Conn at Pepperdine U 2008
Miles piano recital June 2009 on youTube: "Miles Conn at Pepperdine U 2009
Miles piano recital June 2010 on youTube: "Miles Conn at Pepperdine U 2010
Miles piano recital June 2011 on youTube: "Miles Conn at Bond's recital 2011

Various '07:
   Memorial Day Weekend in Mexico

Various '06:
   Miles in the Art Show and Music Class
   Rosa's nephew Aron has a 1 yr birthday party
   Miles' first Kindergarten graduation June 15, 2006
   Halloween - family and school
   Holiday card 2006

India '05:
   November - Jaipur wedding + Hong Kong

  Miles' first newspaper picture Sept 05


India 2004
   Kanyakumari (before/after Tsunami)
  Miles gets a digital camera 2/04
  Zaca Lake 5/04
  Honduras 6/04
  Sunriver, Oregon 7/4/04
  Rancho Mirage 9/17/04
  Halloween '04

Miles' milestones
  baby shower invite
  baby announcement
  1st birthday invite
  3rd birthday invite
  4th birthday invite

Pictures - older
  First few months pictures 12/00 -1/01
   includes a movie clip: "Old Faithful" 1/26/01
  Circa 6-7 months pix 5/01-6/01
  Merrill and Sybil visit LA 8/01
  Zihuatanejo 2/02
  Brazil 2002 winterbreak
  Air Show - Edwards AFB - 10/25/03

  Miles first performance: "Old Faithful" 1/26/01
  greetings to Merrill & Sybil from Felipe in Rio - July 2002: "Hello Merrill Sybil...

wedding 2000
  wedding invite
  includes map to Cheremoya house map


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  Miles Consulting (see new websites designed by Peter and clips from Homer & Associates)
  Where's Mary? (user interface design services)
  Phi Power Communications (online market research company - Peter and Gail)
  Peter's parents' site with recent family new years cards

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